Deviant Behavior is any behavior that is not consistent in what society considers to be normal. There are several behaviors that can be classified as deviant behavior, some of those being simple acts like purposely taking candy from a small child just for kicks or on the other end of the spectrum in the criminal sense such as trespassing onto a freeway overpass to tag a gang sign.

Deviant behavior is simply an act that the majority of society feels has stepped over the boundary of acceptable in their view. Examples of deviant behavior that wouldn’t be considered criminal would be placing dog poop in bags and leaving it on peoples front porches for fun. Letting the air out of your neighbor’s car tires and hiding in the bushes to see the reaction on his face or even covering the handle of your co-workers coffee mug with superglue can all be deviant behaviors but not criminal.

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Now on the other end, criminal behaviors that are not deviant would be more direct approaches like pulling a gun and shooting someone in a bar fight. beating up your spouse because you had a bad day or robbing your local liquor store by firearm. Simply put any act that not only society feels is socially non-acceptable but an individual themselves may not approve of an others behavior because they may have strong ethical and moral character values and view others behaviors as deviant even though the act itself is non-criminal and not deviant in manner.

There are several behaviors that we as Americans like to do that would be criminal in other parts of the world such as cheating on your spouse in certain countries this is considered a criminal act and can get you killed. Even though in California as an adult you can consume marijuana in your own home in some countries just the simple possession is a criminal offense.

Here in the United States many media outlets and people, in general, like to speak badly against the President wherein several other countries any negative words toward the president is absolutely a criminal act where one could face imprisonment or even death.