No matter what is thought of Christopher Columbus, there is no argument that he changed the course of history. Without Columbus and the European supremacy that followed, the United States of America would possibly not exist. He did what no other explorer dared do. He was determined to find the New World when everybody else was afraid to. This is what made Christopher Columbus defined as a courageous hero. Some people say he is the basis (how our country was discovered) of our country. There were other people who also uncovered America but Columbus was the most attributed.
Although he was always judged to be vain, ambitious, greedy, and ruthless; traditional historians viewed his voyages as opening the "New World" to Western civilization and Christianity. Columbus should not be regarded as an imperialist because it is not true, he did not go there to conquer the people. Columbus accidentally lurched upon the land while looking for a short route to South-Eastern Asia. The Native Americans didn't actually discover the land, they just migrated there. Columbus had a purpose, to extend European relations and earn recognition for discerning the "New World". He was very determined in finding the route to Asia but instead what he found was even better. He earned reverence from people as he was knighted by the queen.
Among all interpretations is that his voyages were one of the turning points in history. If a person has a national holiday named after him then he or she must be exceptionally significant in history. There are many states that celebrate Columbus with statues throughout the nation and some that don't. Everyone has a different view on this, was Columbus a hero or villain? The idea that makes him a hero is the fact that he actually accomplished what he strived to achieve and more. He brought new wealth back to Europe, making him more credible. And of course he found the land itself which credits Co