I found Christopher Columbus innocent of genocide.I came to this conclusion because the testimony from Columbus said he did not kill. He admitted that his crew did, but he himself didn't. So, I ask myself, how could he have wiped out an entire cultural group?No, because they are still here today, a few.I don't think the prosecution hit genocide as much as it needed to be touched upon.
I found Christopher Columbus guilty of torture. The slave was a living example of how Columbus exhibited torture.I think that Christopher Columbus's testimony was solid, but I think I need to take into account that the charges are against him.The slave would have no reason to lie in court if Columbus was innocent.
I found Columbus innocent of murder.There is no proof that Columbus committed murder.So I think I will take Christopher Columbus at his word.He said his crew did, but he didn't.So we can concur that perhaps all the deaths that occurred during that time were not due to him, but to his crew.
I found Columbus innocent of spreading STDs.I believe he is innocent simply because the evidence presented by the defense was more than enough to convince me.A doctor diagnosed Columbus with no diseases.Columbus said in his testimony that he had no intimate relationships with anyone.Not to mention the fact that during this time science was slow, meaning no one knew all that much about it, so the knowledge of STDs must have been little.
I found Columbus innocent of theft. The land he took gold from did not belong to anyone, so it's not stealing.
I found Columbus innocent of crimes against humanity.Columbus was a benefit to many people, such as the Jews.Columbus was undoubtedly a religious man and didn't commit crimes against humanity.