These holidays have been "turned upside down"; back on the old days, Thanksgiving and Columbus' Day were celebrations of racist rites.These holydays were then "reinvented"; nowadays they are joyful commemorations of gratitude among American people.
Columbus viewed his conquest to the Americas as a great reason for celebration.He believed that he would serve God by catechizing the Native Indians.
For Harriot, the new land was a great source for him to study the plants, the minerals and the people of the area, and make new scientific discoveries.Harriot have similar intentions to Columbus; he believed that the native Indians could be great tools once they were catechized.
The conquest of the Americas for John Smith was a source of survival. He only cultivated tobacco, so there was lack of food on his town.He then led raids on food supplies from Native Americans' tribes.
Powhatan was a native Indian who fought for his freedom from the colonists. The conquest of his land was a symbol of horror. He starved English colonists after they repeated plundering of tribal for food supplies.The English captured his daughter, so he entered with a peace treaty with them.
Le Jeune instead of redeem the Native Americans' way of living, he tries to understand it.He was a missionary, thus he had further intensions of catechizing the Natives, but that wasn't hisfirst goal.
Le Clerq was the opposite of Le Jeune.Le Clerq believed that his religion was the best one, so he felt obligated to teach that to the Indians.He saw the Native Americans as miserable people, poor of heart because they didn't know God.The conquest of Americas was an opportunity to spread the word of God on Le Clerq's point of view.