Christopher Columbus helped make a lot of countries powers go up, just by discovering the New World.It might have taken Columbus a while to get there but it was most likely worth it. When he discover the New World, the political powers grew from the prosperous voyage.Economic status started to change in a good way.It also changed religion and at the same time people started to view structures of the world and social orders differently.
When Columbus discovered the New World the political powers saw a chance to become more powerful and richer.Countries started trying to colonize in the New World.They also started exporting and importing stuff from the New World with their own countries.All territory and money meant more power.
People finally saw a way out of Catholicism and decided to get out of their own countries and take a chance with their own religion in the New World.A few of these groups were the Quakers, Baptists, and other Puritan religions.Most of these religions were persecuted by the Catholic monarchies so the groups finally saw a way out of torture, but it would be risky.
The social orders of the people started to decease.There wasn't as much discrimination as their use to be between people and their classes.The pheasants weren't treated as bad and nobles didn't have as much power as they use to have.The social orders between people started to level the classes out a lot more.
When Columbus arrived in the New World he thought he had arrived in India.And because he was totally in a different place than he wanted to be people started to think that the world isn't flat.They had a belief that the world just might be round after all.If the World were flat then Columbus would have fallen off the face of the earth.
In conclusion, it turns out that Columbus's trip was very important not just to countries but to a lot of other things too. The countries that act…