Colonialism in Southeast Asia affected the Spanish Philippians and Dutch East Indies. The United States turned the Philippians into an American colony. Imperialism in Southeast Asia was mostly used throughout he region. Thailand was on of the countries that were able to stay independent from colonialism. Thailand was used as a buffer between Britain's colonies and communistic China, and so the Europeans can have easier access to the natural resources in Southeast Asia.
Colonialism in India was a good but not everything was well with the Indians. When the British took over they changed and outlawed some of their traditions. The good factors of colonialism were education, technology, and modern science. Mostly the British controlled the imperialism in India. When Britain got in India, the country became more advanced in modern technology. The effort of modern technology caused a shortage of jobs. For example, the textile industry started because the British introduced their textiles, which included factories and big machines instead of hand made products like they did before Britain, started to control the economy.
Colonialism in Africa was based on slaves and raw materials. When the Europeans saw the how much profit there was from Africa, the Europeans started to move to Africa to make more money. Imperialism in Africa had a major impact in the Atlantic, while East Asia slave trade increased. The Suez Canal was constructed because the Europeans needed an easier way to transport their materials. Though the reasons were different Thailand was like Ethiopia in the sense that they were independent and did not become colonized. The reason Ethiopia didn't become a colony because it was useless land because they did not have any resources that were usefully if any.