Colonial America was a successful establishment in less than a hundred years. Thefirst official census of the United States was 3,900,000 in 1790. Most of the population came from a high birthrate from the settlers; while the other half of the population came from the intense immigration of slaves. While the settlers came in hope of a better life, their goals could not be reached without hard work, work that they were not accustomed to. This called for the need of slavery.
Captured Native Americans were also used as slaves, but that eventually did not work anymore. With no one else working on the land, the colonists needed major help. Slavery was one of the most important reasons people moved to colonial America. Slaves were imported mostly from West Africa, and they had no choice but to do what they were told. But the slaves obviously did not work for themselves. They worked for colonists from Europe, mostly England.
Colonists started to move to America in hope of living a better life. If your status was not that great in England, coming to America was a chance to improve your status. Colonists were offered land to live and work on, and there was lots of land to be distributed so living expenses would also be a lot cheaper. This gave the lower-class better opportunities for a better life. Also, if you were an indentured servant, after you serve your time, you were given land of your own and no longer worked for anyone but yourself.
Another reason why so many people to moved to America was because England was overpopulated. They forced Englishmen off the land and exported them to America. But England did not export their "good" men; they exported poor people, and prisoners (mostly all lower classes). England felt that they needed to get people off their land because if the population continued to grow, it could lead to disasters for the country.
So people came to Colonial America for various reasons, whether it be f…