People throughout the world celebrate Christopher Columbus’s accomplishments on October Twelfth. While many view him as a hero, certain facts suggest that Columbus was actually a villain! People tend to overlook the negative consequences of his voyages by just remembering and commemorating the positives. However, as the negative aspects ofColumbus’s discovery are being uncovered, it is becoming more and more apparent that he caused much more harm than good. The introduction of European culture in the “New Word ” resulted in the spreading of many diseases, such as smallpox, which completely devastated the Native Americans.
When Columbus discovered the American continents in 1492, two worlds met for thefirst time. The encounter between the two impacted the entire world, resulting in both positive and negative effects. This impact, known as the Columbian exchange, was a two way biological and cultural exchange between the Europeans and Native Americans. Columbus introduced Native Americans to commodities, such as, horses, pigs, rice, wheat, onions and many other crops. These commodities affected the Native American environment and lifestyle. The horses allowed Indians to travel more efficiently, but damaged their vegetation at the same time. Columbus also introduced atrocious diseases to the “New World” that completely destroyed Indian lifestyle.
TheNative Americans of the “New World,” introduced Europeans of the “Old World” to commodities and disease as well. Columbus brought back animals, potatoes, gold, silver, cotton and tobacco for trade. Columbus and his men also brought back a disease called Syphilis with them. While syphilis did damage European culture, it doesn’t compare to the devastating diseases the “New World” received. Europeans did drastically alter Native American culture, but more importantly, the diseases they brought with them outright murdered millions of Indians.
The Columbian exchange altered Nativ…