In the post World War II era, a war arose between the Soviet Union and the
United States, but in reality there was never really any documented fighting between the
two nations, thus spawning the catch phrase "Cold War."Even though both countries
were ready to go to war at the blink of an eye and almost did, the powers-that-be never
got the nerve to authorize a nuclear war that would have made World War II look like
child's play.This was a war fought in the political ring, and was also a war that did not
start at the end of World War II, this war started during the war against Hitler and lasted
for forty more years before peace became predominant over the crumbling Soviet Union.
Many events occurred in this political heavyweight bout, and both sides can be blamed
for the extremity the tensions escalated to, and this Cold War would have been tough to
avoid taking into account the political beliefs of the countries at hand.
During the war, once the Allied powers from the west joined forces with Stalin's
Red Army, trouble was inevitable.Luckily for the world, America had a great leader and
foreign diplomat in Franklin D. Roosevelt while England countered with Winston
Churchill.This duo created a steady working relationship with Stalin, thus creating the
Big Three and the Grand Alliance.Even though it was far from a perfect relationship, all
three diplomats realized the task at hand, the mandate of stopping Adolph Hitler and the
Nazi regime of Germany.Sadly, this priority overwhelmed the Big Three, and no
solution was ever conjured up on how to handle the Post-War situation in Europe and
Asia following an Allied victory.Understandably, stopping Hitler was far from
guaranteed, but any plan that was taken by the Allies in Europe never even considered
the implications of how to handle the war-torn countries of Eastern Europe afterwards,
an area that the Soviets h…