colonial america

LongbeforeAmericaofficiallybecameacountry in 1776,thisland,whichweareupon,wasmearlyacolonialsettlementforBritishImmigrantswhowerefleeingtheircountrybecauseofreligiousreasons.Therewerethreedifferentareasinwhichthe immigrantssettled. The firstareawasknownasNewEngland.Itconsistedofthepresent-daystates:Maine,Massachusetts,NewHampshire,RhodeIslandandConnecticut.Thepeoplelivingtherewerecalled"Puritans".TheygottheirnamefromtryingtopurifythechurchofEngland.Theywereverymuchintoreligion.TheyalwaysreadtheBible,theybelievedGod'slawscanbeunderstoodonlythroughit.Theyadheredtostrictcodeofmoralityandproperbehavior,theyalsovaluededucation.Forlivelihoodtheytraded,fishedandbuiltships.ThePilgrimswerethe firsttosettleinPlymouth.Later,non-separatistPuritanscameto AnotherareawasknownastheMiddlecolonies.ThepeoplewhosettledhereweretheQuakers.They,alikethePuritans,werealso veryreligious.TheyalsoreadtheBible.TheyalsomigratedtoAmericaforreligiousreasons,likethePuritans.Theyvaluedselfgovernment,Manufacturing,andcommerce.Theirpreacherspreachedviolently (in termsofspeaking).Theyboth,livedamicablywiththe Indiansandpurchasedplotsoflandoffthem.QuakercityofPhiladelphiabecametheunofficialcolonialcapitolin1750.Twenty-sixyearslatertheDeclarationofIndependencewassignedhere.TheMiddlecoloniesconsistedofthepresent-daystates:NewYork,Pennsylvania,NewJerse…

Colonial America

The American colonists came from a variety of backgrounds.There were the English, who were running away from religious persecution, the Dutch, who reputedly bought Manhattan for a string of beads.The French Huguenots, who were Protestants fleeing from prosecution in a… Read More

Around the World

Africa is a very deserted continent. It has mostly third-world countries and is very under-developed. Deserts cover a large area of the terrain. There are not many large cities and societies compared to other continents such as Europe and North… Read More

Arms Race

A major contributing factor to the tensions between the great powers that led to the outbreak of the First World War was the intense competition between them in building armaments. There are mainly 2 races; the naval race and the… Read More

Colonel Daniel Morgan

Aruguably the most significant Colonel in the Battles of Saratoga. Flamboyant!Rowdy! Troublemaker!When you hear these words, does a colonial in the military come to mind?Well it should!Colonel Daniel Morgan is arguably one of the most significant and influential figures in… Read More

Sidney Portier

Movie Actor, Sidney Poitier was born on February 20, 1924. He was born prematurely and was not expected to survive. His father had already prepared for his burial, but he miraculously recovered. His Family moved to the Bahamas, where he… Read More


Marching band programs connect the youth with their culture through a common languagegenerational, social, and racial barriers.Marching band programs permanently enrich the lives of young people through a commitment to youth development and performance excellence while providing enjoyment for the… Read More