The Articles of Confederation did not provide the United States with an effective government.This is shown by the power of the states, by the lack of power of Congress, and by the lack of a defined government.
First, the states had too much power.If you refer to Document A, it shows the power of the states over Congress."…Resolution to reject the recommendation of Congress…" this statement shows the power the states had.If they can reject something Congress recommends.They could also refuse to pay taxes if they did not want to.Also refer to Document E, where it shows how the states just claim the land, as they wanted.The states controlled their own commerce between other states.They also printed their own currency.
Next, the lack of the power of Congress shows the ineffectiveness of the Articles of Confederation.If you would refer to Document A, in this document a state government says it will reject the recommendation of the national congress.Congress had no control over the states.They did not set regulations for solving disputes between the states, interstate commerce, or a notional currency.They had almost no power.The only things they regulated were international trade and pirviteering issues.They could only ask the states to pay taxes, but states did not have to pay them.
Finally, the lack of a defined government shows its ineffectiveness.There was only a legislative branch to make the laws.There was no executive or judicial branch to enforce the laws.There was no president to lead the country.The country under the Articles of Confederation had no key leadership positions that had detailed job descriptions.The country was not organized.There was no judicial branch was non-existing, and the courts that they had were run by individual states.
In Conclusion, the Articles of Confederation did not provided an effective government for the United States.This was shown b…