(After the second voting, court sentence Socrates to his death)
After many hours of Socrates pleading for his case, the court finds Socrates guilty for corruption of youth.Court will now vote if they should let him live or if they should sentence him to death.The court finds him guilty again, he will be killed.Socrates invites all the judges to stay with him and listen to what he has to say, about the injustice that has happened to him in that same place.Socrates starts by telling all the people that have convicted him, why are they doing this to a poor old man, why not wait and let the destiny finish him.When he sees that the judges are not paying any attention to what he is saying he start to talk about the injustice, he was living and how each and everyone would pay for what they had done to him.
" You see my age that, I am already advanced in years and close to death"(1).After his last cry to let him live Socrates is convinced that the people to whom he is talking to, is not hearing him at all.Socrates next words are to touch the heart of al the people that condemns him.He starts by saying
"I was not convicted because I lacked not words but boldness and shamelessness and the willingness to say you what would most gladly have heard form me, Lamentations and tears and my saying and doing many things that I say are unworthy of me but that you are accustomed to hear form others"(1).
Those lamentations and tears he prefers to cry them and feel them than to escape and act as a coward and not to face his destiny.Socrates tells the judges that the one that had killed him will suffer great in life because there will be more people like him and that by killing everyone is not a good idea, especially if you want the people of the city to love you.
Socrates in his inspiration starts traveling his mind and making questions for the judges to think.He starts talking about heaven and hell, a