War Crimes

Introduction War crimes committed against humanity ought to be shade light on for the sole purpose of avoiding such occurrences taking place again. War crimes have continuously been committed by nations of the earth. This article will briefly discuss three… Read More

Organizational planning

Organizational planning acts as a pivotal instrument for driving organizational success. Planning entails the integration of essential tools by the management within any form of organization, with the goal of enhancing effectiveness and efficiency measures. Complex organizations such as schools,… Read More

Customer Service Needs

Introduction The hospitality industry in the US particularly restaurants face many challenges in providing for customer service needs. Customers are continuously becoming more sophisticated and so are the kinds of services and products which they need (Jing & Jin-Zhao, 2009).… Read More

Modern Federalism

Modern federalism is at crossroads in maintaining balance between national and state government. Development and evolution of democracy over the centuries has been focusing on devolution of central powers of government to increase independence of the local states. Currently, since… Read More