Asia History

The history of the Eastern Hemisphere was Asia Centered for many reasons.Asia is one of the oldest continents to have found proof of complex societies between 3500 to 500 B.C.E.They had their own agriculture community and were most commonly found… Read More


"Music & Rhythm inspired me'' Music has inspired me through many different vibrations. To be specific, the list includes lyrically, musically, politically-socially. Songs have lyrics. Lyrics are words and words carry energy. It is important that we understand where that… Read More

Communist Manifesto

Proletarians-the working class intended to "haunt" Europe and seize control of it. For these people as well as all the other European socialist and communist parties in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, The Communist Manifesto written by Karl Marx… Read More

Feng Shui

Feng Shui (pronounced "phung schway") means wind water. It is the Chinese Art of Placement, which brings balance to the energy in an environment (also known as chi). Fung Shui is an ancient science which goes back at least 3… Read More


I thought the performance of the actors and actresses in the play Sugar was an electricifying and exciting piece of theatre performance. Although, my theatre experience is limited to attending live performances, I so really enjoyed myself at the theatre.… Read More