Armenian Genocide

In 1914, a massive slaughtering of the Armenian race took place. The genocide of the Armenian race occurred in the Ottoman Empire. This genocide was considered thefirst genocide of modern times. Over one million Armenians were murdered.In World War I,… Read More


Using his unique style and structure, Joseph Heller masterfully manages to interlay humor and terror, comedy and tragedy, and reveals in the process the perversions of the human character and of society gone mad. Thefirst stroke of Heller’s deft touch… Read More

Cold War3

After World War II, a struggle between the Communist nations and the democratic nations occurred which is known as the Cold War.The United States had a policy set up that clearly stated that any nation invaded by a communist country… Read More

Cold War2

The Cold War never presented any real threat on America.It was nothing more than the propaganda of two battling super powers.The two super powers involved in the Cold War were The United States of America and The Soviet Union.The two… Read More

cold war1

At the coming end of the Second World War, there was much distrust between the United States and the Soviet Union. Throughout most of WWII, the U.S. and the Soviet Union had made an alliance. The foundation of this alliance… Read More


From 1586-1588 King Phillip II prepared a large fleet of ships to sail from Spain to the straits of Dover. The war ships of the Armada (armed feet), were to carry extra soldiers and protect the duke of Parma's Spanish… Read More