Every type of essay has different requirements and characteristics. Our writers can produce any kind, and are particularly skilled at the ones listed below.

Standard essay POPULAR

Essays are usually five paragraphs (2-3 pages) with a standard format of introduction, body (supporting evidence), and a conclusion. Most high schools and colleges require you to write them, and that’s why realityfilm.org allows you to conveniently buy essays (to save time). Although sources are not required for all types of essays, the most commonly required citation style is Modern Language Association format (MLA for short).

Argumentative essay

Argumentative essays argue a very specific point (usually as a response) and use relevant evidence to support (or refute) a claim made in the thesis statement. Sources are almost always required and it’s accepted that everyone should know how to write this kind of essay (not just for school, but life in general). Most students who purchase argumentative essays from realityfilm.org s look for a talented writer who knows their way around the main forms of persuasion (logos, pathos, and ethos).

Persuasive essay

Persuasive essays focus on persuading readers to adopt a specific viewpoint with the help of logical persuasion methods like logos, pathos, and ethos (similar to argumentative essays). However, custom persuasive essays require you to also entertain and address potential counter arguments in anticipation of a skeptical audience. For that reason, the skill of persuasive essay writing requires a bit of patience and practice to fully master.

Literature essay

Literature essays must demonstrate a complete understanding of a piece of literature, in addition to the author’s message or intention embedded in the work. They generally analyze characters, time periods (setting), or plots in order to unpack the author’s reason for producing the work. Essays focused on literature can also compare two works (or time periods) in order to demonstrate how societal norms have changed.

Narrative essay

Narrative essays are story-based works that reflect on an author’s life, personal experiences, and climatic moments (sometimes told as anecdotes). They include rich details to get the reader immersed and use vivid imagery in place of boring language. Finally, narrative essays usually follow what is called a plot rainbow, or story worfklow that resembles the same lifecycle as human life (start to end).

Other essay types

There are many other types of essays, and they vary according to the general purpose and content requirements. Common formal ones include comparative and critical essays, while less formal (more personal) types include creative, descriptive, and reflective essay formats. The essay type will impact the following key format requirements: sources needed, persuasion methods, citation style, tone, audience analysis, and other factors.

Essay types by citation style

Often times, students are required to write essays based on a specific citation style (usually determined by the discipline). The core difference among these is formatting requirements (like title page, in-text citations, works cited styles, headings, and more). While MLA is a very popular (and common) style choice, APA, CMS, and Turabian are also useful (depending on the subject). Realityfilm.org writers are trained and familiar with all of the major styles (including oddball ones like Oxford, Blueboook, and McGill Guide).

Essay types by subject

Different essay subjects may require specific guidelines to be met, or the standards may be a bit different. Either way, our writers can provide services that are subject-specific to your unique discipline. See the popular items above or check out the full essay subject list to find your specific discipline.

Other services

You may be looking for essay services for essay editing, proofing, or something else. Those are essay services we can also help you with. Realityfilm.org writers are skilled when it comes to most types of academic writing, so they feel very comfortable assisting you no matter what the request is.

If you do not need college essay services specifically, realityfilm.org can assist with other document types too. Whether it’s a longer research paper, chapter of a Master level dissertation, or a PowerPoint presentation, our writers can assist. Check out all of our writing services or specific editing services for more details.